51 Days Until Spring

Mohican State Park, “Fat-biking” is a great way to stay warm and get your ride in.

Have you noticed that it’s not looking much like road riding season around these parts lately?  If your house is anything like ours, your kids are driving you crazy and you wish you could go tire them out on a bike ride on the local trails or roll over to the nearest playground but there’s too much fluffy stuff and air that hurts your face to venture out.  Before you know it spring weather will be here (according to this handy link, its 51 days away) and those necessary tune-ups for your ride will have delayed in starting your biking season off right.  We are ready for your bikes and we’ve been hard at work getting our online catalog up to date on our site.  Check out the most recent updates here.

Annual service packages cover your bike from front to back and those worn out tires aren’t going to cut it for another year of riding.  Remember that flat tire you had when you hung the bike up in the fall?  Or that one gear was skipping but you can’t remember which one now?  Bring it in now for top notch service by one of our bike techs and coming soon we’ll have our Retül Fit Bike Studio up and running to help match your bike to your body with the most precise and advanced platform on the market today.

Tune in later this week to find out more about these 3 topics!

  1. We are partnering with the city to develop a free public mountain biking park with 2-3 miles of singletrack catered to beginners to intermediate riders.
  2. We have word that our grant will be coming through to start a youth riding program at said trail… super stoked about this!
  3. We have an ambassador team that is set up to help lead group rides and create riding opportunities around the county.

As always, we are so happy to be here in Ashland, our town.  Thanks for the support and let’s continue to make this town a great place to live, work, and play.

Enjoy the Ride!

Getting a tour of the Specialized “Win Tunnel” at 40 mph!

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