Stoked for Riding Season

Although recent weather patterns have thwarted many riding ambitions for early March, its hard to deny that spring is near and “riding season” is almost upon us.  The pro racing seasons have begun and gotten many of us stoked for spring races, rides, and day trips.  Here at the shop, we are antsy with anticipation of sunshine, warmer temps, and great group rides that are sure to come.

Winter may have slowed us all down a little, but here at the shop, the arrival of new mountain bikes, fun customer service projects, and our first E-Bike, the Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0, have kept us busy and excited.

On top of that, we have some top-secret projects going on and of course our April 14th charity ride, The Firelands 55, is less than a month away.  Training in this weather pattern can be difficult if you’re gearing up for the Firelands 55, but we can help with 30% off our winter clothing, excellent knowledge about riding and training in the cold, and the best bikes (in our opinion) out there!

To finish getting you pumped up for warmer weather, we’ll leave you with a little video playlist from Specialized to get you thinking bikes no matter what your riding preferences are.

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