ABC is now carrying Scott Bicycles!

It has been a long haul since January when we began the process of launching this company; first with the intention to buy an existing shop in Ashland, and then (when that didn’t work out) as a NEW bike shop for Ashland’s cycling community.  It is now just a few short weeks from opening day and we are proud to announce that the Ashland Bike Company is proudly a Scott Bicycles retailer.  If you’re not familiar with Scott, here is a short history of the company.  Basically, they rock.  If you don’t believe me, then perhaps you might be interested to know that both Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds won the World Championships and then went on to win Rio Olympic gold medals aboard the redesigned Scott Spark.

As a former resident of Idaho and a huge fan of the Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho area, I was incredibly excited to be able to bring in Scott.  The company has a headquarters in Sun Valley and I’ve personally been there to see some of their amazing trails right in their “backyard.”

Anthony Bunt racing the Galena Grinder MTB Marathon on a Scott Spark

Our main goal with bringing this line of great bikes on board is to take advantage of their incredible mountain and road racing bicycles.  We hope to be able to announce our second brand later this week so stay tuned to our Facebook page or follow this blog for the latest news on Ashland’s new bike company.

Below you’ll find a playlist created on YouTube for some videos of Scott’s newly redesigned Spark and Scale mountain bikes.  We have several models of these on the way as I type this so come by and check them out on June 8th!


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