Group rides and riding challenges.

We are closing on Summer and for us that means the bike shop will be opening very soon.  However, Ashland cyclists don’t have to wait to join in on group rides with us and some of Ashland’s cycling community.

For now, Thursday nights at 6pm riders will meet at Ashland High School for group rides ranging in length and speed for all riders to join in.  For the more speed driven cyclist, we are challenging riders to solo the complete Power Hour Loop in under one hour.  Do it, and claim a free Power Hour t-shirt.  It’s a great loop and will be featured for each Saturday in May.  Riders that wish to tackle the loop with a group should meet on Saturday at AHS at 6am.

See the Power Hour loop here.

Always be cautious and obey traffic laws when tackling our challenges, there are two major road crossings and one turn onto 603 to be extra careful at. Some local studs just went sub 50 minutes together so 1 hour should be achievable for the rest of us mortals. Remember that this is a training challenge and not a closed course race. Respect the rules of the road and use caution whenever approaching intersections. No challenge is ever an excuse to run stop signs or dart in front of semi’s on US 30.

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