The Ashland Bike Company is coming in June!

16 years ago, I went on my first real mountain bike ride and I instantly knew I’d do whatever it took to spend the rest of my life riding around on two tires as often as possible.  In June, 2017, I am happy to say that my dream of bringing a bike shop that reflects my passion for cycling and sharing this with others has come true.

As you might guess, starting a new bike shop from scratch takes a bit of work (like saying Mt. Washington is a little bit of a hill) so I’ll keep this post brief.  Soon we’ll be announcing the brands that we’ll be carrying, and I think Ashland is going to be very happy with what we’re bringing to this area.  Let’s all help make Ashland a great bike town together!

-Happy Riding

Anthony Bunt, Owner of the Ashland Bike Company

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